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2000 Mongoose Brawler 24 BMX rebuild with custom decals

Around 2000, Mongoose bikes embraced ugly, to be fair it wasn't just Mongoose, it seems all BMX bike manufacturers thought BMX should tone itself down after the bright and colourful heyday of the eighties and nineties. The 2000 Mongoose Brawler 24 originally rolled out of the bike shop with an uninspiring gloss gunmetal grey frame, forks and low cruiser bars. Some of the old school vibe however was not lost, the black anodised rims were laced to high flange polished alloy hubs. Many other parts were hidden under a layer of black paint. This Mongoose Brawler 24 would have been built in 2000 and appearing in bike shops (not K-Mart) in 2001. The frame is chromoly CR-MO and Hi-Ten steel for strength, it's...

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How to read GT serial numbers for mid-school and new-school BMX bikes

The first thing everyone wants to know when the buy a second hand GT BMX is ‘how old is it?’ Reading the GT serial number and finding out the build date is an important part of any BMX restoration. Once you now when the old GT BMX bike was built it’s much easier to find out what model it is and also look at the original parts lists and colours from the bike makers catalogues. A while back I spend some time investigating how to read mid-school and new school serial numbers on Mongoose BMX bikes. After buying and restoring a number of older mid-school and new school GT BMX bikes I also need to to figure out how to crack...

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1994 Mongoose Expert BMX - black on gold

The 1994 Mongoose Expert BMX frame is a classic Mongoose loop tail frame design. Mongoose began making the loop tail frame in the early 1980’s and this design was popular with many BMX brands through that era including hutch and SE bikes. In 1997 a few bikes featured the Mongoose BMX loop tail frame including the Expert 20″ and Expert Pro 24″ cruiser as well as the Menace and Menace 24″ cruiser.  In 1998 Mongoose phased out the loop tail frame design and began looking at completely new frame designs. For this 1994 Mongoose Expert I wanted to take what was a pretty standard original BMX and make it desirable again. Creating custom colour rides is the thing I like most. I purchased the bike as frame, forks, bars and stem with...

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