1983 Repco Hotfoot 24 Cruiser Restoration

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Recently picked up an old-school chrome 1983 Repco Hotfoot 24 Cruiser. The bike had quite a few original parts on it along with a number of parts that needed to be replaced. Overall the old BMX was in pretty poor condition, having spent a number of years left out in the elements, rust had set in right across the bike.

After leaving everything in a citric acid bath for a few days, the frame, forks and parts cleaned up OK. A lot of pitting was left on all the chrome parts, however these are solid built Hi-Ten steel bikes that could take years of abuse, and this one still has many many more years left in it.

The front and rear hubs and rims were stripped of what was left of the blue candy coat and resprayed in candy blue again. The wheels were respoked and a new set of Duro Gumwall tyres installed along with a refurbished chrome freewheel.


To complete the drive train, a Kehin Japan chainwheel, new chrome 175 Cranks, vintage 80's Welgo pedals and new chrome KMC chain was installed.


The original forged steel and black anodised alloy head stem was faded, it received a de-anodise and light polish and was matched with suitably aged set of CW style handlebars and new Ame Grips.


I had a set of blue anodised survivor old-school 80's rear brakes being kept for a build just like this - perfect. New brake cables and I was nearly done. The build was finished off with a new quilted old-school style seat and new set of Hotfoot decals.

1983 Repco Hotfoot 24 Cruiser brakes

1983 Repco Hotfoot 24 Cruiser decals

1983 Repco Hotfoot 24 Cruiser decals 1

1983 Repco Hotfoot 24 Cruiser decals 2

1983 Repco Hotfoot 24 Cruiser decals 4

After 35 years this 1983 Repco Hotfoot 24 Cruiser BMX was given a part survivor style restoration so it's ready for the next 35 years.

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