How to read Redline serial numbers for mid-school and new-school BMX bikes

Redline is the third brand of new school BMX that I have researched and cracked the serial numbers for dating the age of BMX bikes. Mongoose serial numbers were first and then GT serial numbers. When rebuilding and restoring old BMX bikes it's extremely helpful to know exactly how your bike is.

This post is intended to be used as a helpful guide to help read your Redline serial number and find out what year your new school Redline BMX was built and sold in bike shops. The serial number guide will help date Redline BMX bikes made between 2001 and 2009. This guide may not work for all Redline BMX bikes built between this time and I have listed below which Redline serial numbers it does work for. I spent quite a bit of time looking into the Redline serial numbers on a few of my bikes as well as checking against other Redline BMX owners to see if my serial number crack was right. It seems to hold up and here it is.

Redline BMX serial numbers 1

Redline BMX serial numbers 2Redline BMX serial numbers 3The above bike is a (2005 built 'P') 2006 Redline Proline Flight 24.

2001-2010 – 2 letters at beginning, 2nd is year

K     L      M     N    O     P     Q    R     S      T
00   01   02   03    04    05   06   07   08   09

A few examples are:
HS00000 – 2 letters, S is the build year (2008), Sold in 2009
HP00000 – 2 letters, P is the build year (2005), Sold in 2006
HR00000 – 2 letters, R is the build year (2008), Sold in 2008

Please note: The Redline serial number will give you the build date of your Redline BMX. Frames were normally manufactured the year before being sold in bike shops. So a build date on a frame of 2003 usually means the bike was sold in stores in 2004. This is the case with the 2009 Redline Proline Pro below. The Serial has a build date of 2008, it was confirmed in the catalogue it was a 2009 model.

Redline BMX serial numbers 4I have confirmed this Redline serial number crack many times against bikes that have been known to be purchased that year, bikes with distinct graphics and colours and checked them against available Redline BMX catalogues.

If you have a Redline BMX that doesn’t fit into the code style above, here is how I can help. Go to this thread on the OZBMX forum and post a couple photos of your bike and make sure you include the serial number in your post. I will look into all the numbers listed.

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  • Austen

    Im Trying to restore a redline serial # RMCG801881 What do you guys think the year and model is??

  • Bruce Behan

    Got a redline R87118260. Any idea if worth anything? Fair condition.

  • Doug B

    I have a chrome Redline bike with the serial #RMCI801744.

  • Ben

    I have a rl440 that has two sets of numbers first set has #xs-64701 second set #9120001254. I can’t seem to figure what year this frame actually is?

  • Joel Martin

    G’day I have an old redline bmx with DDD for the serial number above the redline symbol engraved under the crank. Has anyone ever seen this before or know what model this bmx is?

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