Re-rides BMX decals frequently asked questions

1. What is 'show through' on white ink?

The digital print process we use is slightly different to the way the original BMX bike decals were printed. Digitally printed white ink on clear vinyl sticker stock, used on nearly all our decal sets, is not quite as solid as old-school screen printed white ink on clear stock. 

This causes some 'show through' of the background frame or fork colour of your BMX. On light coloured and chrome BMX frames and forks 'show through' is barely noticeable, however on bright or dark colours 'show through' can be very noticeable.

The effect is a slight dulling or colouring of the white ink. For most colours this effect on the white areas can be acceptable, however in some cases this will not be the effect you're looking for.

For example on black frames, the white areas will appear slightly grey, not such an issue, however on red frames, the white will appear pink. Not usually something most of us want. Here is an example of 'show through' of white ink over a mid blue frame. The white areas have a very slight blue tinge.