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How to read Mongoose serial numbers for mid-school and new-school BMX bikes

Your guide to old Mongoose serial numbers. Find our what year your BMX was built and sold and date mid school and new-school bikes made between the mid 90’s to mid 2000’s. The guide covers many serial numbers but not all. There were many different factories making Mongoose BMX bikes and all had different serial number codes. Mongoose serial number information has never really been properly documented, possibly lost as the company changed hands and moved production. However, there are a few BMX restorers who have painstakingly attempted to decipher these multi-digit mysteries. A big part of buying, rebuilding and restoring old BMX bikes, is knowing exactly how old they are. When I started looking into finding out how to read Mongoose serial numbers I found plenty of information on Mongoose BMX bikes made in the...

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2002 Mongoose Brawler 24 cruiser BMX with custom decals

The second Mongoose Brawler 24 Cruiser rebuild, the first was a 2000 Brawler 24. This bike is a 2002 Mongoose Brawler 24 Cruiser and it too was completely rebuilt and transformed with an old school look. The frame and fork on the Mongoose Brawler 24's are made from 4130 Chromoly steel for strength and durability, these are tough cruisers, built to last. This one is set to out live a few more riders yet. This bike was stripped and every part cleaned. The frame, forks, handlebars and seat post were given a new coat of white paint. The original head clamp was de-anodised given a brushed alloy look. The original hubs and black Alex rims front and back were re-laced with new stainless steel spokes and the bike was given a...

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