1998 Mongoose Rogue BMX restoration

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Mongoose BMX introduced the Rogue to the freestyle flatland line up in 1997. It was the middle bike in the Mongoose range. The Mongoose freestyle flatland range started with the Sniper, then Villain, Rogue, Hooligan and the top flatlander BMX was the DMC.

In 1998 Mongoose added two more bikes to their freestyle flatland line up. The top bike was the DMC Pro with the DMC as next one down. At the bottom end of the range, the Sniper Mag was also added. The Rogue was still in the middle of the pack.

 1998 Mongoose Rogue BMX 1

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The 1998 Mongoose Rogue BMX, originally inspired by earlier DMC frames, was made of 100% Cro-Moly tubing. It was the first price point to feature the peg boss forks. The only colour available was chrome and it featured red decals with white accents.

This 1998 Mongoose Rogue BMX had a few parts missing when purchased and required a few extra parts to complete the rebuild. All the original decals had been removed, except for the CR-MO sticker on the seat tube.

During my time searching for parts, it quickly became evident that finding NOS decals was going to be impossible. So reproducing them was the only option. The 1998 Rogue decals include: 2 top tube decals, 2 down tube decals, 2 fork decals the handlebar crossbar decal, seat tube decal, and the two Maurice decals; freestyle and 4130 Chromoly. 

At the end of the restoration the 1998 Mongoose Rogue BMX turned out great. The new decals really finish off the build.

 1998 Mongoose Rogue BMX 3

 1998 Mongoose Rogue BMX 4

 1998 Mongoose Rogue BMX 5

 1998 Mongoose Rogue BMX 6

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