Re-rides Decal Store News

17 July 2018

We're away for a few days.

Between 25 July and 5 August 2018 the Re-rides decal store will be on a skeleton crew. From today until 25 July 2018 orders that require decals printed to order, will be taken and artwork sent to the printer, however there will be a delay in posting until 5th August 2018.

All orders placed after 25 July, that require decals printed, will be taken however a there will be a delay in artwork being sent to the printer after 5 August. Printing will then require the usual 7-10 working days before being posted out.

We're hope you're cool with us taking a few days out - we promise not to hold up your rebuild any more than necessary. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Cheers Re-rides Crew