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What type of Skyway Tuff BMX wheels do you have?

Want to know the different types of Skyway Tuff BMX Wheel? This post will hopefully give you all the information you need to find the type of Skyway Tuff wheels you have and when they were made. A BRIEF SKYWAY TUFF HISTORY In 1974 SKYWAY introduced the first of the composite Skyway Tuff Wheels made for BMX racing – ‘The Tuff Wheel 1’. Skyway Tuff BMX wheels were and still are fabricated using Skyway’s own secret composite blend. Skyway claim their composite Tuff BMX wheels are lightweight, durable and maintenance free. Over the past 40 years there have been many updates to the Skyway Tuff BMX wheel design. Skyway have also made many limited edition retro wheel sets over the years. For example in 2011 Skyway remade their...

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