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Replacing Skyway Tuff BMX wheel bearings, axles and cups

A few tips for restoring Skyway Utility Tuff BMX wheels.  I’ve always been a bit reluctant to buy old or vintage second hand Skyway Tuffs BMX wheels on eBay. They get thrashed and hence are known to have problems. The main issues are warping and cracks, neither can be repaired and render the wheels useless, and given it’s eBay you can’t view the item first. That said I recently went against my better judgement and purchased a rough second hand set of 2001 Skyway Tuff BMX wheels (reasonably cheap). When I got the wheels, they didn’t seem to have any cracks, but the old school 10mm or 3/8″ wheel axles had been removed and the original bearing cups altered to fit newer style 14mm wheel axles- which...

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