GT Built In The USA blur BMX decal set

Replacement GT BMX Built In The USA capitals decal set. If you are restoring an old GT BMX from the late 1990's, you may need to replace the decals stickers. This decal is a reproduction based on the original blur design as close as possible. These decals came on the GT Performer, GT Pro Performer, GT Vertigo, GT Tour BMX and are placed on the non-drive side chainstay.

Decal Colours:

Decal includes: 1 x GT Built In The USA decals - 44mm x 23mm

Decal stickers are printed on weatherproof self adhesive vinyl. Decals are supplied cut out, ready to apply. If you are unsure on the correct size for your BMX or have any questions please contact us.

These stickers are a stock item. Please allow 3-5 working days for shipping Australian orders and 10-15 working days for international orders. 

These decals are not original, they are high quality re-prints, from professional, graphic design vector drawings of original decals. please be aware there may be tiny differences to original decals.