S&M Dirt Bike Dookie Decals - Green Day inspired from 1994

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Green Day Dookie Album Cover Animation

Where were you in 1994?


- Green Day release their third album Dookie

- Pulp Fiction premieres at the Cannes Film Festival

- Brazil wins FIFA World Cup in USA
- OJ Simpson attempts to escape police on LA’s 405 Freeway in his white Ford Bronco
- Houston Rockets beat the New York Knicks 4 to 3 in the NBA finals
- Hakeem Olajuwon of the Houston Rockets gets MVP

- Jeff Bezos creates Amazon.com

- Major League Baseball players go on strike. Rest of the season cancelled.

- S&M release new Dirt Bike with Dookie parody decals.


Graphic designers have always drawn inspiration from popular culture and the designers at S&M were some of the best at it. They were copying designs, sorry were being inspired by all sorts of stuff. Music, beer labels, the early grunge scene in general. Whatever the reason for the Dookie parody, it's a great example of life imitating art or design imitating design.

Green Day Dookie Album Cover Art

What's more interesting thing for me, is that it gives us a pretty good idea of the date the Dookie decal design was created - and therefore the year the Dirt Bike featured this design. A much pondered question in the last 10 years.

S&M Dirt Bike Dookie from 1994

S&M Dirt Bike Dookie from 1994

So, here’s my take. Given most bike companies released new designs towards the end of each calendar year, say Novermberish, just in time for the new year. And let's assume S&M did the same, I know dangerous to assume, anyway that puts the Dookie Dirt Bike as most likely the 1994 built 1995 released BMX.

Now that that's solved, does anyone know how to read the S&M serial numbers? I need to find out what date my frames are.

If you have any interesting information on this topic, let us know, we’d love to hear it.

S&M Dirt Bike images thankfully borrowed from BMX Museum.

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